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"Be enchanted by the magic of the South Pacific waves, also allowing your senses succumb to the pleasure of a quiet sleep ideal. Breathing the pure sea breeze caressing the white sand and vibrate the tall palms that are being observed rejuvenate your soul and carry you to one of the hidden secrets of the Equatorial Pacific. L'Allure bewitched you with his great host and resplendent beauty, gives your body the perfect rest you crave. L'Enchantment spell of pleasure to the senses " Olon's people, is located west of the Guayas province, 195 kilometers from the city of Guayaquil. Its wide beach is ideal for enjoying the peaceful and tranquil waters of the Pacific Ocean. down the road that skirts the coast and passing through this town you can admire the immensity of the sea. is ideal for tourists who like a good hotel and good food.
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